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An industrial roller shutter door is important to any industry regardless of its size. World Mechanical Group aim to offer the best industrial roller shutter doors and best prices in the Northern Ireland and National markets with our highly competitive pricing policy and commitment to the highest quality doors supplied.

Galvanised Roller Shutters

Manufactured in the UK to high standards, our range of galvanised roller shutters are ideally suited to shop fronts, warehouses, commercial properties and offices. Representing great value for money these types of roller doors are available in a choice of manual or electric operation in hundreds of width and height combinations to ensure the correct fit to your requirements. Supplied in a hard wearing galvanised steel finish as standard or where required we also offer the option of colour coating for situations where a specific RAL colour is required.


Our staff are experienced in both the technical and installation aspects, who can advise you on the correct specification to suit your individual needs. Over these years, we have learnt about what makes an effective, reliable industrial roller shutter door and have selected many partner manufacturers who have provided this quality, time and time again.


Designed for every day, normal use industrial applications. WMGIRS75 roller shutters are recommended for openings up to 6.0m x 6.0m and consist of a shutter curtain fabricated from interlocking 75mm galvanized steel laths with curved profile and end locks secured on alternate laths. Curtain may also have perforated laths.

The door bottom detail comprises of a galvanized steel roll-formed base bar (with Anti-Catch System) designed to accept a simple neoprene profile or safety edge alternative. The base bar is fitted with a rubber weather seal.

Two mild steel end plates support the roller barrel. The barrel is fabricated from steel tube.

Side guides are fabricated to form G-shaped galvanized steel channels with concealed fixing and windlocking.

The WMGIRS75 is electrically operated by a 3-phase electric motor with push button controls. The shutter barrel is driven through a simplex roller chain drive. The hand chain operates a chain wheel.

Inertia safety brake is fitted as a standard safety feature.


Standard finish is a galvanized steel curtain and guides with non-galvanized components painted with one coat primer.

Doors are available with a range of options and control mechanisms. The curtain and frame can be polyester powder coated in a range of 29 BS and RAL colours. Other colour options are available upon request.

Options also include wicket gates, brush seals to the door head, perforated laths, anti-ram posts and high-security ground locks.

Our Industrial Roller Shutter Product Range Consists Of:


An industrial galvanized steel roller shutter, a medium duty, normal use, roller shutter. Maximum size 6.5m x 6.5m. Can also be Perforated and Powder Coated.



An industrial galvanized steel roller shutter designed for use as a fire protection roller shutter; providing up to 2 hours fire resistance in a closed application to BS 476: Part 22. Maximum size 4.5m x 4.5m. Can be Powder Coated.



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An industrial galvanized steel roller shutter suitable for Insulation requirements, heavy winds and modern visual enhancements, giving a reduced noise and insulation property from a Robust roll formed one section galvanized steel skin lath injection filled and bonded with polyurethane insulation under laboratory conditions. The double skinned lath curtain is fabricated from interlocking plastic coated laths from an extensive colour range.

Maximum size 6.5m x 6.5m

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